Venture capitalists and other early stage investors typically invest in startups and emerging growth companies through preferred shares (normally with associated mandatory or optional conversion provisions). Preferred shares are created in the company’s certificate of incorporation and entitle the holders to certain rights senior to those of common stockholders. The … Read more →

What is ERISA? The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) protects the interests of employee benefit plan participants by establishing strict standards of conduct for “plan fiduciaries” – i.e., persons who exercise authority or control over the management or disposition of plan assets or who receive a fee … Read more →

A stock purchase agreement is the main transaction document for a stock acquisition. It governs the transfer of title and sale of shares of a corporation’s stock to the purchaser. The document sets forth the critical details of the transaction, such as the number of shares purchased, the purchase price … Read more →

One of the first hurdles an entrepreneur has to clear when starting a business is which entity type to choose when registering her business. There are many forms to choose from with different tax implications and different levels of liability. The three key considerations when making this decision are limited … Read more →

Entrepreneurs seeking angel funding should pay special attention to the recent Halo Report, a joint release by Silicon Valley Bank, CB Insights and Angel Resource Institute. The report looks at 783 deals including angel investors totaling over $1.1 billion. The data shows that internet-based and healthcare startups receiving the most … Read more →